Social Doesn't Work...

Until it does.
Social media marketing can be incredibly seductive. From the outside, it appears that all you need to do is put up a few posts, and you'll end up with thousands of fans that are eager to give you money.
Because that's the way it worked for other people.

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analysis on iPad

The Statistics are Mind Blowing

Tens of millions of posts are created online every few hours. This doesn't take into account all the new profiles that are being created, the competitiveness of your particular industry or what your direct local competitors are doing.
In other words, if your social media goals are based around, "just doing something," then don't count on it turning into a profitable initiative.

Here's the Formula...

First, create content that is interesting and/or exciting. Don't publish anything that is stock standard, or boring.
Like, if you own a café then don't publish a stock image of a coffee cup. Everyone does that. It's dumb. What do you think is going to happen?
Now, published consistently. Every day, make sure your social profiles are updated, respond to people who engage with you and make sure you are up to speed with everything going on in your industry.

Oh, and don’t forget the rules and algorithms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and everyone else in the social media universe attempt to change their rules and ranking criteria in order to make their audiences experience better. This means that if you are using the wrong hashtags, or trying to “game” the system, you will most likely lose.

So, research is critical. Or working with us. Preferably working with us.