Trust is the most important and difficult word in marketing.

I mean, content marketing puts information out there and hopes that others will buy into it but often there’s an ugly undertone. Sales isn’t a dirty word, it’s the core of business, but ‘dirty sales’ is different.Dirty sales is when you trick people into a sales pitch, it’s a term used to describe when you think you’re talking to someone interested in you, only to have them cheaply try and sell you a product or service. Their tactics make you feel dirty and angry that someone could show you so little respect. I know I’ve been guilty of dirty sales in the past, I had the best of intentions but my core interest was myself, focusing not on the problems I could solve, but how I could get other people to pay for it and people are smart – we can smell a dirty sales tactic a mile off. This is the power of content marketing. It allows people to get to know you in their own time, to see if you’re someone they would like to work with or buy off or engage with in some way. It’s the new handshake and introduction without the need for clever positioning and posturing. The power of the written word should reek of truth and honesty and if it does the right people, those that buy into what you’re doing and want to be involved as a member of your community will put their hands up – this is way good business should work. Of course good content is often destroyed with the fallacies of ‘a call to action,’ or ‘the pitch.’ These are the digital equivalent of thanking someone for their advise only to have them finish the conversation with, “Yeah no problem, if I can offer you any more advise just call my freephone number and we’ll set up an account.’ The strength of the written word is the empowerment of the reader, not the tactics of the writer. Give something away, don’t sell anything, just share what you believe and the rest will work itself out.