When I learned to ride a motorbike my instructor told my I needed to relax more. When I learned to skydive I was told not to be so tense. When you learn to let go, to be authentic and in the moment, everything else just flows. Everyone needs one big idea and it doesn’t need to be original or unique, it just needs to be yours. Release your grip, stop tensing up and just write about that one big idea. Good. Now share it with others and let it be their idea, let go of any outdated sense of ownership or any neanderthal need to tell everyone it was your idea. Let it take on a life of it’s own and allow it to live and breath in others.

Changing the world is all about releasing something into the world and knowing that while you’ve created something special, you don’t need to control it or to claim ownership back. Control is the new dirty word in business and those that try to commodify, structure and systemise will destroy greatness.

The new business will be a collaboration of ideas and no one will own anything and the reward will come from belonging to something greater than yourself. Forget the CEO and the board of directors, shareholders and managers – they won’t exist. A space – real or virtual – filled with talented people and everyone believing that the others are there with the best of intentions, motivated to build something special and to create something that will change the world. It’s about people letting go of control, of statistics and allowing greatness to evolve in it’s natural form. I want to be around amazing, motivated people, to see glorious ideas evolve. To let go, to relax, to watch Michelangelo paint without telling him what he’s doing wrong. Perhaps to bask in his reflective glory, perhaps I’m him – we’ve all got that potential so why not me… why not you?

We just need to release our grip, to stop trying to control everything, to own everything. It’s so easy to be cynical and laugh at those who put themselves out there, but people who laugh are poison and the only one’s they can poison are themselves because a truly great idea will keep you safe from negativity and keep you warm at night. It will rip you out of bed in the morning and pay itself back in ways that stock options, extended leave and annual bonuses never could. It’s a full bank account versus a full life and when we look back at the end of it all, that big idea, the one you’re thinking of right now will be all that matters.