Time Warner looks set to increase it’s stake in online news and pop culture site Mashable as rumours of a takeover gather momentum.

Mashable is targeted at millennials and offers diverse news, opinion and rumour. It has been for on the market a number of times over the last few years but as Time Warner owns a substantial stake already and Mashable fills a gap in their offering (TW are somewhat weak online and their HBO offering has a high uptake with millennials) it makes good sense that they would look at a complete takeover.

This comes as news coverage changes, with online platforms that can move quickly and are not afraid to publish unsubstantiated stories gain more market share ahead of their more traditional opponents. In-depth journalism sites such as Vice and The Information also offer traditional journalism with an edge but at the centre of growth are the ‘blogs that have grown up.’ Mashable for example was started in 2005 (so it’s old compared to many of it’s peers) at the Aberdeen home of blogger Pete Cashmore and has grown into a brand that transcends the internet, hosting the Mashable Connect Conference and the Mashable Awards (formally the International Open Web Awards.)

Other outlets will have to evaluate where their offering lies in relation to the next generation of truth seekers. Where people used to use news platforms to find out ‘what has happened,’ now they are seeking to find out what may happen through opinion and speculation, formally crimes in the world of news and current affairs. Terms such as ‘we think’ and ‘might’ are powerful tools for Maskable, Vox and the Verge.

Importantly, new platforms understand that there is more to the cross pollination of news and entertainment than just making the news dramatic. They have solid news, current affairs as well as rumour, gossip, chat, comedy and drama. These are not separate topics and as the world of information gets even smaller (if that’s possible) an audience wants to know about North Korea’s latest missile launch and then about Kanye’s latest stupid tweet. News now covers more than the serious and far more than that which has any implication on ‘real life.’

News is now everything.