I’m not going to bore you, because there’s so much misinformation out there with regards to SEO.

Frankly, it’s getting a bit old.

The ‘hack that will trick Google’ or ‘the tactic nobody is talking about.’

Google’s smarter than all of us and you know that trick we haven’t thought of yet? Google has.

What Google is trying to do is make the internet easier to access. That means letting you and I jump on Google.com and enter a question and then get an answer. An accurate and relevant answer in the context we were asking it.

Your content can help with that.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming, we work with something called presuppositions. These are assumptions that are made before enough data is gathered –

  • All white people lie
  • All policemen hate me
  • I’m not going to like this answer

We all do this, it’s in our nature as humans, but the reason I bring it up, is that we can use this tactic by understanding Google’s presuppositions.

Google presupposes that –

  • Longer content will have more information, as long as…
  • It is grammatically correct and contextually sound, and…
  • It receives links from reputable sites, and…
  • The domain the content is on isn’t using unusual or BlackHat tactics to rank.

That’s it. The only other thing to add is keywords – don’t add them. Remember, using presuppositions, Google is trying to answer somebody else’s question, so find a question that your target audience is likely to ask (through problem identification) and answer it.

SEO is hard and frustrating and often unrewarding. Don’t give up, the more quality content you publish and effectively promote, the better you will do.