So many metrics, algorithms and measurements. But how do we gauge the effectiveness of a social media marketing campaign?

There are many ways to gauge how many people clicked and how many were engaged. But oftentimes this is not an accurate measurement and speaks more for existing networks than fresh and effective engagement. If people that like you are the only ones  that were ‘engaged’ then it’s not really an effective measurement of the success or failure of a campaign. Now for me, writing like this is somewhat hypocritical, because the truth is that hate measurement. It feels personal if I don’t get many views or clicks or likes or shares, and it’s not uncommon for me to throw things on my personal blog and never look at the results. I like to assume every post is going really well. However business is a different kettle of fish and as the old annoying saying goes, ‘What you can measure you can manage.’ So it’s with this in mind we turn to the only metric that really matters – action. Did you reader do something and firstly, what is that something you want them to do?’This discussion should take place before any content is created. What do you want your readership to do once they’ve read your content?
– Like it?

– Email you for more information?

– Send it to someone?

– Send you their details through a subscription box?

– Buy something?
Make sure it’s the right metric for your business. For example, if you’re getting 500 views and 125 likes and don’t have a strategy for harnessing the information of the likers then there’s little to no point in this being seen as a relevant metric. Once the plan for measurement is defined then the article should be shaped around this using linguistic tools and foci to lead the reader to the outcome you want. This is not trickery, it’s about the right people reading the right article and taking the right action. Without a tangible action, even if it’s as simple as a click in the right place, you’re not changing the world, just adding a few more words to it.