Let lose your monstrous content marketing voice and change the world!

You hear it all the time, it whispers in your ear when there’s nobody around, telling you what you should do and it gets your attention because it speaks with unusual passion and authority. Then, it gets drowned out by common sense, rules of society and other lies that you don’t believe, but have accepted.
That voice is who you truly are and when unleashed it changes not only your life, but your experience of the world.
Change comes as a result of courage, and there is no greater example of courage than fearlessly being who you know you are, through unleashing the monster and allowing your true self to speak. It removes the mask you’ve worn for so many years, ever since you started caring what people thought.
The voice, the monster inside you has been telling you this for years. In its whispers you’ve been told that you could do something if you just had the courage to start. The voice is the reason you took that risk, spoke that beautiful person or took that day off just to lie in the sun.
The voice, the monster is truth. It’s unapologetically you, and when your internal voice is able to speak out loud and becomes your external voice, you turn into the monster – unstoppable, fearless and authentic.
Authentic is a funny word. It sounds so simple, but it requires so much courage – because being yourself and embracing your voice is taking the ultimate risk.
Showing and experiencing the true you, and opening yourself up for judgement.
When you’re not being true to yourself, it doesn’t matter if people don’t like you or judge you poorly – the voice and the monster still hides within you, away from critics, so people aren’t really judging you anyway.
Or knowing you.
True authenticity comes from releasing the voice, and allowing the monster to speak with all the passion and power that you hear whispered in your ear. Also, the monster isn’t afraid of anything – because once he’s unleashed, and you put your true self out into the world, there is nothing left of fear.
Let loose the monster.