Twitter’s results for the fourth quarter are out and it doesn’t make great reading for CEO Jack Dorsey who’s sweeping changes to both the company and the platform don’t seem to have had any positive effect. Users for the fourth quarter were 320 million, the same as the previous quarter but the more disturbing news for Twitter was active users – down 2 million for the quarter, from 307 million to 305 million.

Dorsey said that Twitter was going to focus on it’s core strength of being a ‘live’ platform, which is hardly in line with the rumoured move to a popularity based timeline that was only partially snuffed out by Dorsey. He also mentioned the acquisition of the live video app Periscope as an example of the ‘live’ strategy, with Periscope’s founder being promoted to the Twitter executive board.

COO Adam Bain worked like a good politician and invented a new measure – ‘Total Audience,’ that includes people who see tweets on other platforms, such as imbedded on news sites. Not surprisingly, those numbers look much better.

Twitter stocks are down just over 65% from the same time last year.