Understand the mindset of your business

Your business – regardless of it’s size is a living, breathing entity and each staff member constitutes a portion of that biological makeup.
For the purpose of this conversation, we will call your business Amanda.
When you hire a staff member, you need to learn about their various traits – how do they handle stress? Confrontation? Success?
The same goes for your business, and understanding the mindset of your business is crucial in building an ongoing strategy, and being able to play to its strengths. Her strengths. Amanda’s strengths.
Amanda should be treated as a marketing persona. In marketing, we create very specific personas around ideal clients and then use that as a basis for finding them and creating campaigns that will engage effectively with them. These personas have names, ages, motivations, jobs and even families. Most importantly, they are not groups, but individuals, and whenever a strategy is being formulated or adjusted of that persona is the yardstick.
Amanda also has an age – perhaps she is 35 with two children. She is very successful and highly motivated. Also, she enjoys socialising but prioritises work. She is prone to stress and doesn’t handle rejection well.
There are three important components that we are most interested in – how does Amanda handle failure, and success, and how she perceived by her circle of friends and clients?
Does success create more success? Is she confident enough within herself to withstand failure, without it impacting on future results? Does she become complacent when she achieves more than is expected? Is she fearless in the face of rejection? Is she seen as arrogant? Confident? Aggressive? Fun?
If we can answer these three questions about Amanda, we can understand how our business is positioned for sustainable growth, unexpected setbacks and how to most effectively communicate her to the marketplace.
Through creating a person, and communicating with Amanda rather than speaking of a generic entity, there is a basis from which you can create something related, authentic and interesting.