Website design should begin with your client and their buying process.

If you, like our clients, want your website to contribute to revenue, it needs to do more than just say who you are and what you do. Knight websites guide the prospect to either a buying solution, or an engagement platform. Meaning that your site is designed to make a sale, or gather the details of qualified leads through a landing page and sales funnel.

Combine this with a Knight strategy to drive traffic to your site, and website design becomes more about science than art.

Too often, attractive website design is the basis for decision-making when it comes to choosing a supplier. “I like that,” when browsing through a portfolio is often the extent of the decision-making process. The designer is chosen who the marketing manager or business owner feels comfortable with from a design standpoint – but visual design is only a small component of web design. Maximising your website for search engines (SEO) and mapping out the journey from initial click to final purchase, is absolutely crucial to having a website that gets results, and not just awards for your designer.

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Pricing So Simple It Struggles in School

Of course, just because your web designers based on effectiveness doesn’t mean you need to have something unattractive. We build all our sites on WordPress or Joomla, and work hard to ensure a style and feel that is relevant and appealing to your audience.

Because, this isn’t about you.

Sure, you can get a web design that makes you feel good about yourself but that’s not the point is it? It’s about creating something that is pleasing to your audience, and if that happens to appeal to you also, then great.