Guessing is hard. Trying to get inside your client’s head is an ongoing struggle for overworked marketers who have trouble getting out of their own heads and frustrated entrepreneurs with an amazing product that not enough people seem to ‘get.’

For many years we’ve tried to commodify emotions by defining ‘key industry problems,’ ‘centres of pain,’ and ‘business critical issues,’ but these only go part of the way to defining the key issue – what are you target prospects and clients thinking? Not just about business, but as humans.

In a recent survey we found that 64% of Business owners and senior executives from businesses supplying other businesses (B2B) could not answer the following question – ‘What Are Your Client’s Emotional Issues?’ A further 7% said it was an irrelevant question.

This comes at a time when the experience of the customer – who is now spoilt for choice and has new offers being made available every day – is key to attracting and maintaining a solid working relationship. B2B could possibly learn a lot from B2C, 92% of their leaders answered the same question, with under 1% saying it was irrelevant. Perhaps an assumption could be made that B2C looks at their customers as people, due to having a single target rather than many as often occurs in a complicated B2B sales process. But this doesn’t solve the issue and B2B businesses now have the opportunity to create differentiation through building an experience for clients off the back of awareness around the Key Emotional Drivers of their clients.